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Since we wrote this article we have since moved away from Patreon and are now using Ko-Fi for donations. If you love the site and would like to support us financially, this is the easiest way.

Thank you!

Here was the original article:


We've always been overwhelmed by the level of support people have shown this site as we've grown it over this past year.

A question we've been asked before is how people can directly contribute to the site. Up until now the best way has been telling your friends and sharing our stuff. 

We've decided to make it easy for people to directly contribute to the growth of the site by making a Patreon.

Patreon is a service where people can send a little money each month to creators they love.

Our teirs go from £3 per month to £20 and each tier gives you something different.

  • £3 will put you on our list of folk who get to hear about all the cool things we're building before anyone else
  • £5 will get you the same as £3 plus you'll not see adverts when you use this site
  • £20 will get you the same as £5 plus you will be on a very special list where you will be the first to use anything we build and you'll be able to help shape the types of features we make for the community.

We appreciate your support!

Written by tosbourn - Saturday 06 June 2020

This article was last updated on Saturday 07 August 2021.

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