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Pin Folio Show Review

Today I'm going to be reviewing my Pin Folio Show, which is a pin holder and display case sold by Go Pin Pro. I bought one at a recent pin event in Luton after eyeing them up online for some time.

The Pin Folio Show
The Pin Folio Show

Pin Folio Show Review in brief

If you're just interested in very high-level thoughts:

The Pin Folio Show is good if like me you have a relatively small set of pins you want to trade. Perhaps 20-30.

It is well made, although the strap is a little short for my (adult, male) liking and one of our zips is slightly stiff, but certainly doesn't feel like it is going to break anytime soon.

It is cheaper than a lot of the pins you will be putting into it, so definitely worth trying for yourself.

Buy one here.

If you want a more in-depth review, and believe me, we go in-depth! Then please keep reading.

Pin Folio Show Description

The Pin Folio Show is a medium-sized pin display and carry case that holds three surfaces to display your pins on. It comes in a range of colours; mine is purple.

Here is a list of what you get in the Pin Folio Show:

The dimensions are

Why you might want the Pin Folio Show

There are broadly three types of people I've seen pin trading. The first has a few pins for trade. A lanyard is more than enough to display and carry about their pins.

The second are collectors that have multiple boxes or binders full of pins to trade. These folk need some heavy-duty setup to maintain their collections.

Then there is the group which I belong to, enough pins to need space, but not enough to warrant carrying boxes or binders full of pins to places. This is the group that I think will benefit most from the Pin Folio Show.

The other reason you might want the Show in particular, is when you want to display a handful of pins and don't want to carry a lanyard or have them unprotected.


PinFolio SHOW includes all of the same features as PinFolios, with an additional surface for holding pins without the need for pin backs in it's own zipper enclosure. Pins are visible through the clear front for all to admire. Change your pins as often as you like with ease.

Other Pin Folio Products

I mentioned above that there are other Pin Folio products. It is worth restating that this review is only for the Pin Folio Show. It is the only Pin Folio product I own and have experience with.

The other products in the range are all similar and made from similar materials, so honestly, this review probably carries across to other products, but your mileage may vary.


I figured the most rigorous way to do the review is to talk about each feature listed on the website and give my feedback.

Three surfaces to arrange pins – I've found it easy to stick pins, they feel secure, and I've tried removing and reinserting pins into the same hole, and nothing seems to feel loose. The physical space you have is more than enough for the pins I want to carry with me.

The starred surface is where you attach pins
The starred surface is where you attach pins

Here is a close up of the holes left by pins on the surface
Here is a close up of the holes left by pins on the surface

Two zippers – The zippers look quite cheap, but function fine, one of mine was quite stiff at the start but is starting to loosen up and be more comfortable to zip and unzip with use.

A closeup of the zipper on the Pin Folio Show
A closeup of the zipper on the Pin Folio Show

One clear window with zipper enclosure – The window is made of a plastic that is easy to wipe and seems hard-wearing. You can easily see the pins through it.

Example of the plastic front pocket with pins in it
Example of the plastic front pocket with pins in it

Mesh pocket for storage – I keep business cards in the mesh pocket and it does a great job of holding onto things. The elastic is tight enough to feel secure without being too tight to be useful.
The back pocket for storage functions well
The back pocket for storage functions well

Removable & Adjustable strap to wear on shoulder or crossbody – I find the strap a little small for my (adult male) frame, how the strap attached to the case feels a little cheap. Still, I've no reason to suspect it will come away or anything.

A close up of the adjustable strap
A close up of the adjustable strap

Plastic divider to prevent scratching – I think this divider is made of the same plastic as the front section. It seems more than up to the task of keeping pins from clashing inside the case.

The plastic divider to keep pins safe
The plastic divider to keep pins safe

Multiple colours – I can't comment on this, I only saw a couple of colours in person, and they all looked vibrant. I picked purple because I'm a sucker for the colour purple!

Benefits of the Pin Folio Show

On the Go Pin Pro website, there are a lot of stated benefits for this particular product. I wanted to take each claim in turn and comment.

Lightweight & Portable – Without pins, this is undoubtedly very lightweight, I think a lot of care has been taken in choosing the materials to ensure this.

Protects from scratching and losing pins – I have no reason to believe my pins are going to fall off or get damaged when in this case.

Eliminates the need for investing in special pin backs, cork, or other materials – I agree with this statement. I know people with more extensive collections would struggle to get their traders into something like this. Still, for someone like me who has maybe 20 pins to trade at a time, this is more than enough.

Store & Display pins – I'm pleased that I could store and display my pins in this case for a long time.

Rearrange pins as frequently as you like – I've tested reinserting pins and everything seems secure. Removing the pins and adding them to the case is easy as well.

Shows off your personal pin style – I disagree with this statement, the window lets you show off your pins. Still, I don't think there is much room for customisation to show off any real style.

A word of warning

On a recent trip to Walt Disney World, I added a lot of my traders into the Pinfolio Show and it turns out completely filling both internal sides can cause damage to the pins. 

In Conclusion

I have no regrets buying the Pin Folio Show. I think I will be using it for many years to come. Due to the relatively low price and the value, I think you can get I have no issue recommending it.

Buy one here.

This article was written by tosbourn on Tuesday 03 December 2019.

This article was last updated on Monday 20 January 2020.

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  1. andi 21 Dec 2019 2:39 PM

    I have a Disney trading pin bag and a folder and I think they look better in the folder. Certainly easier to use then the bag

  2. fruitsbasket9 03 Dec 2019 8:51 PM

    Also great through review!

    1. 👤tosbourn 04 Dec 2019 8:16 AM


  3. fruitsbasket9 03 Dec 2019 8:51 PM

    I love mine! I have the one in this article here for storing traders at home and a smaller square one for trading in the parks (for less bulk items to carry in the parks).

    I still prefer the loungefly mickey purse to display my nicer pins at the park, but these are so useful for quick pin trading! :)