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Recently I took part in a pin bingo game ran by the amazing @disneypintraderuk. I hadn't heard of pin bingo before finding her account so I wanted to run through my experiences of it along with some basics about how it works.

What is Pin Bingo?

Pin Bingo is a game were a pin trader offers up a lot of pins for a fixed price per pin. You sign up, pay the amount owed and you receive a random pin. You always win at least one pin.

The way DisneyPinTraderUK runs it is:


Pingo is a shorthand for Pin Bingo. Took me a while, but it is an adorable way to say it!

Bonus Games

DisneyPinTraderUK likes to spoil folk, so ends up playing some extra games throughout – the first person to guess a character or film name, stuff like that.

Some pins come with stickers on the back. If the pin you won came with a sticker you got another prize, normally another pin.

What I love about pin bingo

This is my second time playing pin bingo and I love it for several reasons.

Would I play again? 100%!

What I won

I'm sure you are interested in knowing what I won - well here it is!

My winnings!
My winnings!

What would make pin bingo even better

What would make pin bingo even better would be if Instagram let you watch live stories from your computer. It is the perfect thing to tune in to and have in on the background, but being forced to use your phone means unless you have a stand or something you are stuck holding your phone for a decent amount of time.

This is a minor gripe and definitely not something any of us can fix!

This article was written by tosbourn on Friday 31 May 2019.

This article was last updated on Friday 07 June 2019.

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