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Personally, I have founding naming a pin a pretty difficult task. It has taken me months to come up with a pattern that I like to follow myself in an effort to give a pin a good identifier.

Some Names are simple because thankfully, others have come before and given names to pins of the same series. For example, I just added this pin:
This pin is from the Magical Musical Moments series and there were already a dozen or so pins (including some that I had previously uploaded myself) so naming it **Magical Musical Moments No. 34 - The Best of Pooh and Tigger, Too - “Never Alone (Eeyore’s Lullaby)”** was an obvious name. But how would I have come to that name if this pin was NOT apart of a series where a few pin had already been categorized?

Let’s take a look at another pin...
I added this one a few days ago:
9FEEE471-29AD-4A39-B810-48CBAA710E66.jpeg 115 KB
So, I mentioned that I’ve come up with a pattern. I have begun to look at the big picture and narrow down to find a name. Below is an example of this:

- Special Location Pin was Originally Acquired (WDW)
- Special Location Within Location or Special Event for Acquiring Pin (Cast Lanyard)
- Series or Movie (100 Acre Woods Baseball Team)
- Special Description of Specific Pin (Eeyore with Ball)

Using this exact pattern, I was able to come up with this identifying name for this pin: **WDW Cast Lanyard - 100 Acre Woods Baseball Team - Eeyore with Ball**.

Using this pattern, my names can get long, but I fight the instinct to just put **Baseball Eeyore** because even though right now, that search only brings up one pin, who knows what might come out in next year to 20 years? There could be 20 more Baseball themed Eeyores for all we know! But will any of them be from a 100 Acre Woods Base Team series? Or even from a “Cast Lanyard”? (The answer is no, it would be called a Hidden Mickey now! Lol!)

[^That actually brings me to a little side note... being that Cast Lanyard/Hidden Mickey pins are those that start from cast and never originated on backer cards, they can be harder to classify, so I use a website called to help me find the series names!]

I hope this helps in coming up with names for pins!

Written by LadyRogue86 - Tuesday 08 December 2020

This article was last updated on Thursday 04 March 2021.

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  1. Brilliant article! I'll be following this myself in future to be more useful to our users 😊

    elaine 👤elaine - 11 Dec 2020 11:57 AM