Mickey's of Glendale

Mickey's of Glendale is a Disney shop for Disney cast members. There isn't that much information available about it online and this article aims to address that! This is the ultimate guide to Mickey's of Glendale.

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What is Mickey's of Glendale?

Mickey's of Glendale, or MoG as it is often written, is an employee store on Disney property in California. Specifically in the Walt Disney Imagineering campus in Glendale, CA. This is 31 miles from Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. As well as selling things only employees would need it often has unique and hard to find merchandise.

It is not usually open to the public, but will occasionally appear for special events, like D23, or during VIP tours.

It was renovated in 2019 and remains a firm Cast Member favourite.

Where is Mickey's of Glendale?

The address for the store is:

1401 Flower Street
Glendale, California,

This is on Disney property in California. You need to be a Cast Member to be allowed in.

It is open Monday-Friday.

As far as I can tell Mickey's of Glendale does not have an official website that is available to the public, there might be one for Cast Members that they can log into via their MyID. Some reports suggest that the website is only available from computers on a Disney network.

How do you get into Mickey's of Glendale?

Reports online suggest that Cast Members (Disney employees) can bring a few guests with them, but only Cast Members can make purchases.

If you are a Cast Member you will be able to purchases whatever you like in person. Make sure you have your Disney ID with you.

Even though it is limited to Cast Member's there is still a rush when things like exclusive pins come out, so plan to be there early to avoid disappointment.

Mickey's of Glendale Pins

You might be wondering why a Disney Pin website is writing about a Disney store that only Cast Members can use, well, Disney knows how to reward their employees and one of the ways they do this is with exclusive access to pins!

Often these pins will have Walt Disney Imagineering written on the backing card.

An example of a backing card with "Walt Disney Imagineering" on it
An example of a backing card with "Walt Disney Imagineering" on it

They regularly release limited edition pins for Cast Members to buy, there is often such high demand that the posters advertising the pin release state only one pin per Cast Member. There is a huge after-sale opportunity for these pins so it makes sense to limit them.

Written by tosbourn - Wednesday 11 December 2019

This article was last updated on Tuesday 13 December 2022.

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  1. I’m commenting to make a correction about the store. It is located on the Walt Disney Imagineering campus in Glendale, CA. This is 31 miles from Disneyland Resort in Anaheim. If one plans on driving from Disneyland to Mickey’s of Glendale, they can expect a drive that’s anywhere from a 30 minutes to an hour and a half. Since the drive passes through Los Angeles, it depends on the traffic.

    sarawolfson - 11 Dec 2022 11:45 AM
    1. Thank you so much - I've updated the article to include this clarification!

      tosbourn tosbourn - 13 Dec 2022 1:34 PM