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March 2020 Disney Studio Store Hollywood pin releases

Here are the pin releases happening at DSSH in March 2020.

🚨Mulan pins have been postponed🚨

DSSH pin release flyer March 2020
DSSH pin release flyer March 2020
Let’s look at both the separate releases!
March 6th pin releases
March 6th pin releases
Friday March 6th sees a release celebrating all things “Onward”. This pin release coincides with the release of Onward. There are six pins being releases and they are all limited editions of 300. First up we have Ian with his Dad’s staff (400909132121, $21.95). Next the Onward El Capitan marquee pin, this shows Barley with his arm around Ian (400909132114, $26.95). Barley (400909132138, $21.95). Guinevere the van  (400909132169, $21.95). Dewdrop (400909132152, $21.95). Lastly Blazey the dragon (400909132145).

🚨The Mulan pin release has been postponed due to Disney postponing the release of the movie due to Covid-19 (coronavirus)🚨

March 27th pin releases
March 27th pin releases
Friday March 27th sees pins released to celebrate the live action release of Mulan, this pin release also coincides with the release date. All of these pins are limited edition of 400. First up the El Capitan theatre marquee pin for Mulan (400909131926, $25.95). A dragon pin (400909131940, $19.95). Lastly a Mulan portrait pin (400909131933, $24.95). 

Both of these pin releases will happen instore at DSSH at 06:30PST. Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

In case you’re wondering what DSSH is, we have an article which details all about it. 

This article was written by elaine on Friday 07 February 2020.

This article was last updated on Friday 13 March 2020.

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