Interview with pin trader Daisy aka AllThingsDisneyPins

We’re happy to share our interview with Daisy, aka @allthingsdisneypins on Instagram. We cover pin trading in Disneyland, California and how Ariel would be the best person to trade with! Enjoy!

Thanks for chatting with us today Daisy, can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Daisy, and I love all things Disney! I’m 27 years young and live in Northern California.
Daisy in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle
Daisy in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle
Hey Daisy! When and how did you get into pin trading?

Very recently, in 2019. 

That year my husband and I were annual passholders at Disneyland and were just trading in the parks. It then grew immensely during 2020, especially during the pandemic. I would trade online through Facebook groups and on Instagram. I also would join pin lives and buy pins. 

What is pin trading like in Disneyland? Are there dedicated areas, or just find people with lanyards/books?

Pin trading is super fun at Disneyland! 

They have multiple stores throughout where you can trade with cast members. They have them in pinboards or have lanyards. 

You can meet on Thursdays in Frontierland across from Westward Ho Trading Company to trade with other traders. 

People are spread out, sitting on benches of tables nearby. On Sundays, people meet outside of Disneyland at the picnic tables. 

And sorry for another Disneyland question, we’ve never been! What are the top three places to eat you’d recommend?

This question is so hard because I love all the foods! 

My top three places to eat would be rancho del zócalo restaurante, carnation café and hungry bear! 

For snacks, I would definitely recommend the dole whip, spicy pickle, and the classic churro!
Daisy holding a Dolewhip
Daisy holding a Dolewhip
I’m so hungry thinking about them! Getting back to pins, what are your main collections, and why?

When I first started, I would collect anything and everything that I thought was cute, lol. Now I have limited myself to 5 collections. 

I collect Pixar, Disneyland/DCA attractions, Nightmare Before Christmas, Mickey & Minnie, & Star Wars. These are some of my favorite Disney films/characters that caught my eye to collect. 

I collect Nightmare Before Christmas too! How many pins do you have? 

Oh my, I don’t have a clue, but I would say close to 500, maybe? 

And out of those 500-ish, what is your favourite pin?

My favorite pin is a nightmare before Christmas Disneyland honorary citizen pin given out at an event in June 2014.
Honorary Citizen of Disneyland Nightmare before Christmas pin
Honorary Citizen of Disneyland Nightmare before Christmas pin
Oh, that is so cool; I’m very jealous! If you could pin trade with any Disney character, who would it be and why?

Ariel because she has Gadgets and gizmos, duh! Lol.

What do you like most about pin trading?

I love seeing what everyone collects and the diversity. I love making new friends when pin trading and bonding over the love of trading!

If you could change one thing about pin trading, what would it be?

That’s a good question. I would say that people would respect others and how they value their pins with no judgement. 

Even if I don’t agree with someone’s values, that is their choice. 

And finally, do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into pin trading?

My advice would be to go in knowing that it’s addicting, lol! Be nice to others if they aren’t nice back, but most importantly, have fun because that’s the point of it all.


We couldn’t agree more that having fun is the most important point of pin trading (that and completing my Haunted Mansion collection, right?!?!)

Thank you so much, Daisy! If you’re a pin trader and would like us to interview you, please get in touch!

Written by tosbourn - Monday 19 July 2021

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