Interview with Clair about her pin collection

We‘re happy to share our interview with Clair, who tells us about a fantastic Chip and Dale interaction (like there is ever a bad one, haha!) and more! Enjoy!
Clair with Tigger and Pooh
Clair with Tigger and Pooh
Thanks so much for chatting with us Clair, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I fell back in love with Disney as an adult whilst rewatching Disney movies at university for comfort and nostalgia. For my 21st Birthday, I was treated to a trip to Walt Disney World with my Fiancé, George. As soon as I stepped into Magic Kingdom, it was so magical, and my love has only grown. 

In all the excitement leading up to the trip, I spoke with a few friends and colleagues who mentioned about pin trading in the parks. I thought it would be fun to get involved but not thinking too much of it; I bought a few pins from Depop for us to trade whilst at WDW. I decided to wear my lanyard of pins on the first day at the parks and found it was so fun to interact with the cast members and other Disney fans in this way. I am quiet and can be shy, so I liked having pins as a conversation starter, and it definitely helped me grow in confidence. It was also great fun interacting with the characters are how happy they wear to see I had a pin of them - or make my buy one in Chip and Dale’s case. 

Since returning, I have traded and bought some pins from Facebook groups and through Instagram, and it has been great to get involved and interact in the Disney community. I now have just over 100 pins, and I’ve never looked back!

We have to know, did you end up buying a Chip and Dale pin?

I did end up buying a cheeky chipmunk pin! George and I met them at Hollywood Studios across from a pin stall. 

Chip and Dale were disappointed I did not have a pin of them already, so Dale took my arm and pointed out the stall. They were very convincing as we went over and had a look. I found an adorable pin featuring Chip and Dale having a popcorn fight at Epcot. I also wanted some merchandise with the year on to commemorate the trip, and this pin features “2019”, so I had to get it! 

We went back and showed Chip and Dale, and they thought it was hilarious!
Clair being shown the location of the nearest Chip and Dale pin store!
Clair being shown the location of the nearest Chip and Dale pin store!
The Chip and Dale pin!
The Chip and Dale pin!

That is adorable! Do you remember what your first trade was?

I believe my first trade was for a Cinderella teacup pin at Walt Disney World. I am a huge tea fan, so I was excited to see a teacup pin. I went back to the same location a couple of days later, and I was lucky enough to find an Aurora teacup pin from the same collection. Aurora is my favourite Princess, so I was over the moon. 

Unfortunately, I’m still missing a pin from the collection, and some fakes on eBay have fooled me, but I’m sure I’ll find Jasmine soon. 

What are your main collections, and why?

My main collection is Disney Cats because I have adored cats my whole life and always wanted my own but have settled for cat merchandise for now. 

The Aristocats is my favourite film, so I prioritise buying and trading for these pins, but I do love Cheshire Cat, Figaro and Oliver too.
Some of Clair's Aristocats collection
Some of Clair's Aristocats collection
The next biggest collection I have is Disney Key pins as I also collect Disney Keys, so I often buy the matching pins - I have about 50 keys since I started collecting in 2019.
Clair's key pins
Clair's key pins
I also like collecting Scrooge McDuck pins as I have found him to be quite rare. 

Amazing collections; what is your favourite pin?

My favourite key is the 2020 graduation pin. I was over the moon when gifted this pin for my graduation last year. 

Due to Covid-19, I moved out of university early, finished my degree from home, and the ceremony was cancelled; therefore, I love that I am able to have a special pin to commemorate the experience. 

What do you like most about pin trading?

I love most aspects of pin trading. 

I really enjoyed interacting with cast members and other Disney fans at the parks. 

I now love being a part of the Disney community through Instagram and Facebook, and I have met new people who are big Disney fans. I also like how pins are small and can be displayed in so many ways around the house or add a subtle Disney touch to an outfit. 

If you could change one thing about pin trading, what would it be?

If I could change anything about pin trading, it would be getting rid of fakes and scrappers! They are so annoying and unnecessary. If you’re going to put time and effort into making a pin, why make a fake? Fantasy pins are so much nicer, and lots of people, including myself, collect them too. It is also gutting to spend money on a pin you really want or to complete a collection for it to be a fake or scrapper. 

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into pin trading?

My advice to a first-timer is just to have fun, especially when trading in the parks, because it is part of the magical experience. If you are concerned about fakes and scrappers, I would definitely read Pin Trader Club’s articles on how to spot them to ensure you’re not trading away authentic pins. 


Aww, thank you so much for the shoutout and for sharing your stories with us, Clair!

If you‘re a pin trader and would like us to interview you about your collections, please get in touch. And if you have had a run-in with those cheeky chipmunks, please let us know in the comments below!

Written by tosbourn - Tuesday 08 June 2021

This article was last updated on Monday 12 July 2021.

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