Interview with Belle from DisneyPinTraderUK

Today I'm delighted to share an interview we did with Belle from DisneyPinTraderUK. We've already written about her before when we shared a post all about Pin Bingo.

She is one of our favourite people, and we're so happy she took the time to answer our questions about her fantasy pins.

Update - as well as this written interview, we were also lucky to jump on an Instagram live with Belle! You can watch it here.
All of us at PinTraderClub interviewing Belle live on Instagram
All of us at PinTraderClub interviewing Belle live on Instagram

Can you give us a little background on who you are

Hey, well I'm Belle 🙋🏼 Blonde, Tattoo'd Princess from Kent South East England. Thirty-seven years young and a mum of 1 boy Louie who is 12 this year.

How did you get into fantasy pin making?

By accident 😂  a year ago,  I opened my first account on Instagram, became a Fantasy Pin Designer, and an Annual Passholder to DLP.  I thought I'd do one pin, it would flop and I'd stop but a year on and I've hit 5,500 followers and still growing.

It is so amazing seeing your account grow! Where do you get your ideas from?

Nowhere specific, I started out doing what I would like, what I wanted, and what I thought would be popular, combining characters, and I gained specific followers based on that.

Then slowly learnt what people wanted to see and maybe what I hadn't seen out there and stepped out my comfort zone to do other designs.

Not ever forgetting my artists that commission work for me, I wouldn't be where I was if it wasn't for them.

Where is the best place to see your pins for sale?

I sell predominantly on Instagram as that was always my platform.  I 'trickle' sell leftovers on eBay to open my market to those not on Instagram but it's left to run itself.

Very cool, and what is the favourite pin you’ve made?

Ohhhh what a question. Every time a new one arrives, it's my new favourite but if I had to choose, probably my Ariel commissioned by Tattoo Tom and Tamatoa from Moana!

Ariel Fantasy Pin - by DisneyPinTraderUK
Ariel Fantasy Pin - by DisneyPinTraderUK

Tamatoa Fantasy Pin - by DisneyPinTraderUK
Tamatoa Fantasy Pin - by DisneyPinTraderUK

What do you love most about the pin community?

How amazing everyone I connect with is.  The community are super friendly, trustworthy, and so caring.  Everyone is so down to earth and normal!

With Disney being our connection you can't go far wrong for magical people and let's face it I wouldn't be where I was if it wasn't for these beautiful people, so I thank them for everything! Sharing posts, Tagging Me, Appreciation posts, gifts, discounts or just the odd DM saying hi 👋🏼

That has been my experience too! What would make the pin community even better?

I think the UK pin community has certainly expanded in the year I've been a part of it, I've seen some significant changes. The only thing I'd like more of are Pin Events here in the UK & Disney Meets. Maybe some education for newer pin collectors/traders, somewhere they can go for advice, information, do's and don'ts

Do you have any advice for folk who are thinking about making fantasy pins?

Don't do it? 🤣

I'm kidding!

I would say research what's already out there, research designs, characters, movies, and most importantly the quality of pins, the finishes, i.e. type of enamel, don't use clip art, and don't put all your eggs in one basket when searching factories. 

Maybe trial one pin design with a factory before you decide to throw them a hell lot of orders in case it doesn't work out.  Be prepared for at least a few flawed pins in your order so factor that into your budgeting 🙂🙃


I want to thank Belle so much for taking the time to answer our questions and for being an outstanding member of this community. Be sure to follow her on Instagram!

If you would like to be interviewed about anything pin or Disney related, be sure to get in touch.

Written by tosbourn - Monday 08 July 2019

This article was last updated on Saturday 07 August 2021.

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