Getting from CDG Airport to DLP

We're just back from a fantastic time away in Disneyland Paris. It was only our second trip there and our first trip where we were flying.

We flew into Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG), which is just North of Disneyland Paris.

Our travelling from the airport to Disneyland Paris was a very different experience from how we travelled back, and we wanted to share our mistake with you so that you don't make it!

If you are staying on Disney property, get the train from Charles de Gaulle, it is so much easier!

When we were thinking about how best to get between the airport and the parks, I felt a taxi would cost more, but ultimately be less stress, so that is what we planned to do.

Boy, was that a mistake!

First up, we tried booking an Uber; we knew that Uber's were generally excellent in big cities, especially around airports, and paying in-app is always a plus. Unfortunately, where Ubers picked you up and where the other taxis are is a different location. We didn't learn this until a confused taxi driver phoned us to see where we were.

His English was as good as my French, which is to say, we didn't have a great conversation. I had to cancel the booking because we couldn't find each other and pay the cancellation fee. Which was fine; I'm pretty sure it was all my fault!

We were right by the taxi rank, so we decided to get an airport taxi to the hotel.

The taxi driver was excellent, really friendly, gave us charging cables for our phones and was generally chatty. Unfortunately, we hit terrible traffic, which had we knew anything about Paris we would have known that would be the case, we had to travel in a main set of motorways.

By the time we got to the hotel we'd been travelling for about an hour, it cost us about £80.

Not wanting to repeat the same mistake on the way back, we decided to book a train.

The train station is right by the main parks and hotels in Disneyland Paris. We stayed in Disney's Hotel New York, so it was maybe a 15-minute walk to the station at a nice slow pace.

If you are looking it up, the station is called Marne-la-Vallée - Chessy.

The train tickets cost us less than £26, so way less than half price, and the train took 10 minutes! It was so smooth. We had seats, but we decided to stand because it was only 10 minutes, and I'm not a fan of leaving my luggage out of sight.

Now, I would caveat this advice with; if you are staying off property, so in a nearby hotel, it might work out better to get a taxi or some other mode of transport, because you would need to get from the train station to wherever you are going anyway. 

If you are staying somewhere walkable from the parks, then the train is 100% the way to go!

Written by tosbourn - Monday 18 October 2021

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