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Formatting descriptions on Pin Trader Club

When you are making pins or events you can add special formatting i.e. bullet points or links to the description fields, you can also do this in the "About Me" section in your profile. I’m going to run through some of the basics. 

Adding a link

So say you want to link to your social media account in your profile, you can add a clickable link to it. 

What you want to do is put your link text in square brackets and then immediately after put your link in round brackets like this: 
Follow me [on Instagram]( for more pin updates!
This will come out like this: 

Follow me on Instagram for more pin updates!

It’s important that the closing square bracket and opening round bracket have no space between them -they have to touch.

Adding bulleted list

So next up bullet points! This is a pretty easy one:
A list of colours:

- red
- pink
- purple

The important thing here is to leave an empty line between “A list of colours” and the bullet points. You just have to use a dash (-) to signify where you want the bullet.

This will give you: 

A list of colours:

Bolding and italicising 

To bold, just wrap your text in two stars so this: I am **bold text** becomes I am bold text

To italicise, just wrap your text in underscores, so this: I am _italicised text_ becomes I am italicised text

This article was written by elaine on Tuesday 03 September 2019.

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