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Fantasy Pin Presales!

As a pin collector, it is always great to secure an awesome fantasy pin. Depending on the creator these things can be harder to get than some LEs in the parks!

That's why we've added a section to the site where you can browse Presales.

A presale is a design for a pin that the creator hopes to put into production. The pin hasn't been made yet.

People often do presales to try and get enough interest or funds to pay for the pin to be created.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of talented fantasy pin creators who don't generate enough initial interest to warrant putting their pin into production, which is the other side of why we've created this section!

If you're a pin creator and would like to promote your presales on the site, completely for free,  get in touch or leave a comment below and I will message you.

This article was written by tosbourn on Thursday 19 December 2019.

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