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Everything Mousey Pins Interview

We spoke with Elizabeth from Everything Mousey Pins, she told us all about her history with pins and has given some great insight and advice. Elizabeth has a website where she sells official Disney pins, a Facebook page and a YouTube channel where she talks all things pins! Give her a follow!
Elizabeth and her Dad
Elizabeth and her Dad

Can you give us a brief intro about yourself?

My name is Elizabeth Donoho and I've been pin obsessed for 15 years now. It all started when my family and I would go to WDW once every year for vacation.  We found some really cheap pins at the Disney Outlet or Character Warehouse and thought it would be different and fun to try pin trading. I will always be grateful that we did because it truly adds another element to Disney, it lets you talk and interact more with all the wonderful Cast Members and Guests. Since that first year we pin traded, it has been a highlight of our vacations and trips to the Parks. Now that I am a Florida local with Walt Disney World as my backyard, I cannot get enough of pin trading!

How long have you been collecting pins?

2004 was the first year that I bought and traded Disney pins. I really didn't know anything about them before that year.

What are your main collections?

Haunted Mansion, Tiny or Mini (very small), Halloween, Christmas, Framed Sets and Jumbos, Food and Treat, and Japan/Hong Kong. I do have side collections as well as misc. pins I just love to look at.
Elizabeth with her food/treat vest
Elizabeth with her food/treat vest

What is your current favourite pin?

I have thought this over for a while but cannot pick one favorite, or even a few favorites, because I love so many of them. But memories associated with some of my first pins will make those on the top of my list, plus pins that I spent years and years hunting down.

Do you get to the parks much in person or do you mainly buy/trade online?

I have taken a break from the Parks this last year but still constantly go to the WDW Resorts and Disney Springs to get my pin trading fix.  :) I miss the Parks and once I get my Annual Pass next year I will be trading all the time there. I don't buy much online anymore due to the outrageous amount I have invested in pins through the years. I do purchase pins on eBay and Instagram when I find grails that I just have to have.  I warn new buyers to beware all the fake pins on eBay, to buy from a reputable seller who can guarantee the authenticity. 

Do you collect any fantasy pins at all?

Not really, I have a handful but will not let myself get into Fantasy pin collecting. I am a Disney pin collector, and even though the Fantasy pins are truly beautiful and I love supporting artists, I still have my reservations about starting a Fantasy collection that isn't actually official. Plus I am old school pin trader and I remember when Disney didn't allow people to make pins using their copyrighted characters.

What are the biggest changes you've seen to pin trading since you've been involved?

The surplus of different types of scrapper pins. Fake pins are a part of pin trading and have been around since before I started in 2004, and they will always be here, but they used to be only hidden mickey pins and some small booster pins, and the quality was very bad. Now they fake such a wide variety of low LE, pin on pin element, stained glass, etc, and the quality is so much better that it is very hard to tell real from fake sometimes.

What came first, the website, the Facebook, the YouTube channel or the Instagram?

Right now I am Everything Mousey Pins and have my online pin store, YouTube, Instagram, etc. all called that.  
But... I started with a blog (it's gone now) called Everything Disney Pins Blog. I took artistic photos of my pins and wrote articles about how to spot scrappers, pin information, releases, etc. Then I had collected too many pins and I needed to sell some of them, so I started a Facebook page (not mine anymore) that was called "Disney Pins $1.15 + Up" and then later called "Everything Disney Pins". YouTube came a few years later. I originally started with my sister Amy, but now have my own new YouTube channel at Everything Mousey Pins. This is the newest and last name change lol and was due to copyright reasons. Instagram was my last social media channel but is one of my favorite places and where I do all my pin trading online. I don't really do FaceBook.

What would be your biggest bit of advice for someone new to pin trading?

As always, have fun and trade for the memories or pleasures, not for "good" or "rare" pins.  Watch out for the bad quality pins out there, the fake pins. Buy pins for trading ahead of time online and save a lot of money compared to the pins for sale at Disney. Last would be, if your not sure about trading a pin away, keep it, you might not find it back again.

What do you think are the biggest challenges for people getting into pin trading?

Money! Haha it is the truth and pin trading is very addictive and therefore can get expensive. Pace yourself like with any new obsession or addiction. You have forever to find, trade, and collect all the beautiful pins.  

Do you have any advice for any pin traders who are trying to grow their social media accounts?

Be real and show your passion in your own way. Be personal and tell people why you are sharing your information or photos. Also if you are just starting out it might go slow at first. That is normal and ok because you want to build a following of people who are truly interested in your content, remember slow and steady wins the race!

This article was written by elaine on Friday 13 March 2020.

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