Eating vegan at Disneyland Paris

When we went on holidays to Disneyland Paris recently (October 2021) we were surprised at how many options there were available for vegan folk. The last time we visited we were both vegetarian and it seemed like there were more options available in the two years since our last visit. 

My advice before travelling to Disneyland Paris would be to do a little bit of research into the different cafes and restaurants to see what is available. Some of the menus aren’t very detailed. The best menus are available through the Disneyland Paris app but a lot won’t say if the dish is vegan so you have to ask when you get to the restaurant.

Some restaurants don’t have a default vegan menu item so I would always let your server know that you are vegan so they can suggest modifications that you may need to make. Some of the quick service restaurants may only have a salad or fries available that are vegan. Most snack locations only had the vegan Magnum for sale or churros which are vegan without the Nutella dip (always check this!). I  believe the popcorn is also vegan. Some place which sell prepackaged snacks have vegan options but it will be up to you to check and possibly translate the ingredients. Any table service restaurant that we went to had a vegan dish or a vegetarian dish that could be modified. 

All of the table service restaurants that we went to had terrible vegan dessert options except one. Every restaurant offered fruit salad or fruit soup (fruit salad in syrup) as a dessert. I don’t mind fruit but it’s annoying when you are paying the same price for a meal as everyone else who gets a variety of dessert options and you get a cold bowl of chopped fruit. The only restaurant that we went to that offered a vegan dessert that wasn’t fruit was the Manhattan and it was the best thing I ate on the entire holiday, maybe even one of the best vegan desserts I’ve ever had. It was a chocolate cremoso and it blew my mind, I'm not even a dessert person and I could've easily eaten it twice.
Food in general at Disneyland Paris is on the blander side, there are not going to be any taste explosions but I understand when you are catering to a very large demographic of people that you don’t want to have something that is too spicy or “weird” for some folk. One thing that Disneyland Paris veggie food has over food in Walt Disney World (our only other visited Disney location) is that there are far more vegetables. WDW tends to rely on beige food a lot more. I definitely felt way less bloated and put on less weight leaving DLP than I do WDW. 

Here are some articles that we have written on vegan food at different locations at Disneyland Paris: 

My favourite restaurant for food quality was the Manhattan in Hotel New York. My favourite for theming was Bistrot Chez Rémy. The best buffet restaurant for vegans in my option is Agrabah Cafe and the best quick service is Fuente del Oro (they get extra points for having frozen margaritas!). 
Vegan food offerings are definitely getting better at Disneyland Paris and I really hope they make some of their dessert options a little more exciting in future as more folk embrace the vegan lifestyle.

Written by elaine - Monday 29 November 2021

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