Disneyland Paris September 2019 pin release

September’s pin release list is here for Disneyland Paris!

Disneyland Paris September 2019 pin release flyer
Disneyland Paris September 2019 pin release flyer

September 7th brings the first release of pins, which are all open editions. There is definitely a very heavy emphasis on Halloween here! There are three Stitch pins, a pumpkin Mickey face, a Vampire Mickey, witch Minnie, Donald dressed up as a spooky lantern carrier, Goofy/Dingo as a werewolf and the sweet little Pluto as a mummy. There are three collections of pins being released as well, Chip & Dale/Tic & Tac Frankenstein pins (these have already been released Stateside), a Mickey ghost and pumpkin duo and a Winnie the Pooh Halloween booster set. 

The next pin drop comes on Friday 13th -how spooky! We seen two Annual Pass holder exclusive pins. Both LE 700. These are Villians pins. The first one showing Sleeping Beauty castle and Dr Facilier and The Evil Queen. The second showing Sleeping Beauty castle and Maleficient and Ursula. 

The 14th brings a combination of open editions and limited editions. First the open editions, we have a Jack and Sally pin, a minis Sven and an another Jack Skellington pin, with Jack wearing a little Santa hat. There are three limited editions, a World’s Best Friends Timon and Puma (LE 700), Aurora Carousel (LE 700) and a LE 700 Autumn pin with Bambi and Thumper. 

The 19th brings us all the DLP marathon/run weekend goodies. First up a special lanyard and open edition Disneyland Paris Run Weekend pin. Next a dozen different limited edition pins, these are are LE 700 bar one, the LE 1000 Mickey and Minnie pin medal for the 21.1K run. There is an Aladdin 31K LE 700. Simba 5K LE 700. Pascal 10K LE 700. Mickey and Minnie “I DID IT!” 21K LE 700 2019 pin. A Kids Races LE 700 pin with Peter Pan characters. A genie 36K 2019 LE 700. A Castle to Chateau LE 700. A Simba (grown up) 5K 2019 medal pin (LE 700). A Rapunzel medal pin 2019 10K (LE 700). Mickey running celebration pin (LE 700) and lastly a Minnie running celebration pin (LE 700). 

On the 21st September we see some Peter Pan pins being released. This collection is called “La Collection inspirée par Éléonore Bridge”. We have an LE 400 Tiger Lily head pin. A sirene/mermaid pin (LE 400). A Tinkerbell pin (LE 400) and lastly a Wendy pin (LE 400).

On the 25th September we see the release of some more of the medallion style pins. These are all LE 150. We have Alice in Wonderland, Thumper and Pascal/Max. 

Last but not least we have another Stitch “I feel” pin, this is an LE 700. 

This months release also lets us know that the Phantom Manor pin event has completely sold out that is happening on Friday the 13th. 

Written by elaine - Monday 02 September 2019

This article was last updated on Monday 12 July 2021.

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