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Disneyland Paris pin release July 2019

Most months this PDF will be updated with the pins being released this upcoming month. Today I want to breakdown July 2019's pin releases for Disneyland Paris.

Electroland Pin Legends of Hollywood

Limited to 500 pins and going on sale on the 5th July at 8pm.
Legends of Hollywood electroland pin

Belle, Dopey, and cute sidekicks!

Belle and Dopey are limited to 250. The cute little animal sidekicks are Open Editions. How adorable is Pegasus? These go on sale from the 6th July.

Belle and Dopey can be found in the Frontierland trading post.
6th July Releases

Alice in Wonderland and Lion King AND Jungle Festival Day

The 13th July is a busy day for pins, with some lovely Alice and Wonderland pins being release (Alice and Dinah being my personal favourite). All as open editions.

Lion King and Jungle Festival day sees some amazing pins that are limited to 500.

Winnie the Pooh and World's best friends

On the 20th July we have some amazing Winnie the Pooh open edition releases, I love Winnie and Eeyore!

We also have some pin trader merchandise. I have to be honest, I'm very tempted by the mug!

The main release this day has to be the Thumper and Bambi "World's Best Friends" pin. It is limited to 700 and is lovely.
Winnie the Pooh and World's best friends

Stitch and Ducklings

The 27th July sees the release of this adorable Stitch pin. Limited to 700.
Stitch and Ducklings

Pin Medals

Last but not least, on the 24th of July we have some medallion style pins with Sorcerer Mickey, Flounder, and Peter Pan.

Medallion style Pins

I hope you enjoyed this quick run through of what you can expect this July in Disneyland Paris.

This article was written by tosbourn.

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