Disneyland Paris March 2020 pin releases

🚨The Princess animator pins have been delayed on Saturday 28th March, we don't know when these pins will be released! 🚨

The pin release flyer for March 2020 is here for DLP!
Disneyland Paris March 2020 pin releases
Disneyland Paris March 2020 pin releases
Let’s have a look at the individual releases.
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Saturday 7th March sees more Disney animals with flowers open releases. These are all €7.99 and include:
  • Rajah with a blue lotus
  • Simba with the red leaves around his head which looks like a flower
  • Mushu with a flower from Mulan’s hair comb
  • Cheshire Cat with a variety of flowers
  • Pua/Puah with a variety of flowers
  • Pascal with the golden flower from Rapunzel
There is one further open edition which is Bambi and Thumper/Panpan and a lanyard pouch featuring Chip n Dale/Tic & Tac (€5.99).

Update - here are some close-ups of these open edition pins

Thanks so much to @dlppinstraders for providing these photos.
March 14th pin releases
March 14th pin releases
Saturday 14th March is reserved for limited edition St Patrick’s Day pins, these are limited edition 700. These all feature Chip n Dale characters, will cost €15.99 and be available from the Disney Gallery in Disney Village. They are three pins which sit together to form “St Patrick Day 2020”.
  • Chip/Tic is sat on a pot of gold wearing a green leprechaun’s outfit, the pot says “ST PATRICK”
  • Clarice/Clarisse is wearing green with a rainbow and shamrocks behind her standing on a plinth that says “DAY”
  • Dale/Tac has a background of a large shamrock with “2020”, he is also dressed like a leprechaun
March 21st pin releases
March 21st pin releases
Saturday 21st March sees two “Season of Superheroes” open editions, costing €7.99 each:
  • Iron Man
  • Spider Man
March 21st pin release
March 21st pin release
Saturday 21st March also sees a limited edition 700 pin celebrating Spring or Printemps 2020. This pin costs €15.99 and features Maleficent and Diablo with other small birds. This pin is available from Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland.
Disneyland Paris March 2020 delayed releases
Disneyland Paris March 2020 delayed releases

This pins have been delayed!

Saturday 28th March seems a range of Animators pins costing €7.99 each:
  • Snow White/Blanche Neige with deer
  • Aurora (the poster has an error and lists her as Rapunzel/Raiponce) with bucket
  • Belle with books
  • Cinderella/Cendrillon with slipper and bluebirds
  • Rapunzel/Raiponce painting
  • Ariel with Flounder (very similar to the recent mystery box design!)
  • Tinker Bell/Clochette with dandelion
  • Alice with Dinah
There is also a Animators lanyard released (€9.99).
March 28th limited edition pin release
March 28th limited edition pin release
Saturday 28th March also has a limited edition 700 release of a Pocahontas Carousel/Carrousel pin. This will cost €15.99 and be available from Pueblo Trading Post in Frontierland.

We’ve written a guide to purchasing limited edition pins in Disneyland Paris and using the Lineberty app. 

Which pins do you want to add to your personal collections? Let us know below in the comments!

Written by elaine - Tuesday 25 February 2020

This article was last updated on Thursday 04 March 2021.

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  1. I think the Maleficent spring pin is going to look fantastic, can't wait to see it!

    tosbourn tosbourn - 25 Feb 2020 9:00 AM