Can I Still Pin Trade At Disney?

With different parks at various stages of re-opening (or, sadly, not, in the case of Disneyland Paris at the time of writing), the question everyone is asking is, "Can I still pin trade at Disney".

There isn't one solid answer that covers all the Disney parks; however, using Walt Disney World as the baseline, the status seems to be:

  • You can trade with lanyards person to person
  • You cannot set up somewhere with lots of open books
  • You can trade with cast members in the usual locations (pinboards or if you see them with lanyards)

Anyone who has been to Disney will agree that cast members are super friendly, so our best advice would be to ask a cast member if you aren't sure.

At the time of writing this seems to be the case for every park that is open.

Is pin trading still popular?

If you can still pin trade, the related question is, "do people still want to pin trade?" and we can say with certainty that people still really want to. There is a massive community of people itching to get back to trading at the parks, and there are still in-person and online pin events happening all around the world.

We are confident that as soon as parks are open with reduced social distancing measures, pin trading will be back with a bang!

What do I do in the mean time?

Like we mentioned, some events are still happening so definitely check back often to see if there is anything for you nearby or online. Or of course you can trade with our lovely members! Search our pin database for pins you want and see who has them for trade.

We will try and keep this post updated with the latest news from the parks, if you know something you think should be mentioned in this post please leave a comment below!

Written by tosbourn - Wednesday 17 March 2021

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