Buying limited edition pins at Disneyland Paris

I’ve seen a few folk being quite confused about how to go about purchasing limited edition pins in DLP and thought I’d put together a short guide on what to do. 


LE’s are sold in Pueblo Trading Post in Disneyland Park and the Gallery Store in Disney Village. Open edition pins are sold at various locations throughout the parks. Pueblo Trading Post is open Wednesday to Sunday during the summer and Saturday and Sunday at other times of the year, from 10am in the morning and it’s also open on special pin release days. Pueblo Trading Post is located at the rear of Frontierland. The current Stitch “I feel” pins are only in the Gallery Store.


Lineberty is an app that you can download from the Google Play store or Apple App Store. Lineberty is essentially a virtual queuing system. When you download Lineberty, you need to find Disneyland Paris within the app. This should be easy enough as it brings up locations closest to you or you can search. Then click into “Disneyland Park” (where Pueblo Trading Post is) and then into “Pin Trading”, where you will be able to take a “ticket” to keep your place in line and give you a time slot for the Limited Edition pin sale.
A screen from the Lineberty app
A screen from the Lineberty app

Lineberty tickets open two days before the pin release event at 6pm CET. So if the pin release was on Saturday, Lineberty would open the ticketing system at 6pm CET on Thursday. If you get your hands on one of these reservations you are guaranteed a pin. There is also a “Last Chance” release on the day before (so Friday at 6pm CET if the pin is released on a Saturday), this does not guarantee you a pin though! You have a chance of getting a pin if any are left over from the first phase of released bookings. You can reserve tickets on Lineberty from anywhere in the world, you don’t have to be in Disneyland Paris or even in France!

Apparently it can be quite difficult to connect to the Lineberty app at times so it may be worthwhile checking if you have better signal on the DLP WiFi (if you’re in the Parks) or if you have better signal on your mobile. You may need to keep trying the app until you get a position in line. 

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a Lineberty ticket it can only be used by one person and it can only be used to redeem two pins per pin release. Only the person who has the ticket can go and get the pins from the shop, not other members of their party. 

Limited edition pins can sell out pretty quickly, although some of them can hang around for a couple of days.

So if you’re heading to DLP and looking to get your hands on some LEs make sure you get the Lineberty app, have signal and get on the app as soon as those times are released and good luck!

Want to know about purchasing LEs at Walt Disney World? 

Disclaimer: I haven't purchased LEs from DLP. This information has been sourced from the internet. Also a massive thanks to @dreamingofdisney__ for clearing up lots of things about purchasing LEs at DLP!

Written by elaine - Tuesday 03 September 2019

This article was last updated on Thursday 04 March 2021.

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