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Using a personal shopper can be scary, especially when you are planning on spending a lot of money. We wanted to review Belloshop to hopefully put your mind at rest.

A few months ago we placed an order with the popular Asian Disney shoppers Belloshop. They have a very active Facebook and Instagram account, but until you read reviews or place your own order you still don't fully know how legit a company is.

We are not affiliated with Belloshop in any way, this is an honest review based on my personal experience. They didn't even know we were writing this review (although I will share it with them once we've posted it).

Asian Disney Shoppers

Belloshop are based in Hong Kong, but they have shoppers in all of the Disney parks in Asia, this means they cover:

  • Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Shanghai Disney Resort
  • Tokyo Disney Resort

Disney release lots of park-specific merchandise, so having one place where you can get from all three parks is a massive benefit.

Belloshop also cover lots of the Disney stores in those countries, so not just park merchandise!


The ordering process is very straight forward, you visit their website and you can see all the items they have for sale along with their prices. Everything is in United States Dollars (USD).

As well as being able to search or filter by park, you can also look at stuff that they currently have in hand that can be posted quickly. Anything that isn't in hand needs to be picked up by one of their personal shoppers.

I found browsing the website easy and I was able to find everything I was looking for (some pins!)

Once you place your order and pay, you get access to an order screen that will be used to provide updates about your order.

My order included pickups from two of the three different parks (Hong Kong and Shanghai), so I knew it might take some time.


The communication from Belloshop was excellent from start to finish. Really clear emails were sent at every step of the way and I always felt like they were listening to me.

I've also spoken to them on social media, and they respond quickly and positively. I have never had an issue with them at all.


All in all I bought 10 pins, 5 single pins and a mystery box that contained five pins. This all arrived in a relatively small box. Everything arrived safely and I felt they were well packaged.

I imagine every individual shopper sends their purchases to a central location, where they then package and ship to you.

Along with the order we received one of the bags that we would have received had we been buying in person from Hong Kong Disneyland!

I was ordering to Northern Ireland, and the shipping was only $16.00, which I thought was excellent given I was buying 10 pins coming from the other side of the world.


I thought it might be useful to share the timings of my order, for context this all was happening when different parts of the world were in different stages of lockdown, and I'm sure the timings are dependant on what you're ordering.

I placed the order on the 6th September.

On the 12th September I received an update with photos to show most of my order was complete, I asked about the other bits.

They immediately responded to my question, explaining that Shanghai can take 7-10 days to purchase.

On the 29th September I received an update with the rest of my order

I received the final shipping information on the 8th October and was told it could take up to three weeks to arrive.

On the 31st October I received my package.

I wasn't in a rush for these pins, so just under two months from start to finish during a pandemic was fine by me!

What we ordered

It is cruel to keep talking about the pins we ordered without actually sharing them.

We've made a video run-through of everything we got, which we'd love you to watch!

We ordered:

  • A Judy Hopps pin from Shanghai Disney Resort
  • A Stella Lou and Duffy pin from Hong Kong Disneyland
  • The 2020 Mickey and Minnie halloween pin from Shanghai Disney Resort
  • A Nightmare Before Christmas pin that I believe is exclusive to Hong Kong Disneyland
  • Minnie as a witch from Hong Kong Disneyland
  • A mystery box of five pins from Duffy and Friends, called Boogieween! From Hong Kong Disneyland

Boogieween mystery pins
Boogieween mystery pins

Minnie dressed as a witch
Minnie dressed as a witch

Nightmare before Christmas
Nightmare before Christmas

Stella Lou and Duffy
Stella Lou and Duffy

Would I recommend Belloshop?

I would happily recommend Belloshop to anyone who wanted pickups done at one of the parks in Shanghai, Hong Kong, or Tokyo. I will almost certainly be placing more orders with them in the future!

Would you recommend Belloshop?

What you bought anything from Belloshop before? We'd love to know about your experiences, please let us know in the comments!

Written by tosbourn - Saturday 21 November 2020

This article was last updated on Monday 06 September 2021.

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