Artland Princess and the horse collection

Artland have done it again with this collection of Princess and the horse pins. They are beautiful!
 This collection is released today (13th November 2020) and contains 6 pins featuring princesses and their noble steeds. Baby Hercules and Baby Pegasus are thrown in for good measure too! If you’re going to do Disney horses you can’t leave out the cute little Baby Pegasus!
 These pins are all 2.5” approximate and are all limited edition of 300 except Belle who is a chaser pin so there’s only 150 of her. There is a no.1 edition collection available for purchase separately. 

The pins feature:

  • Rapunzel and Maximus
  • Merida and Angus
  • Megara and Pegasus
  • Jessie and Bullseye
  • Belle and Phillipe
  • Baby Hercules and Baby Pegasus

Artland Princess and the Horse pin collection
Artland Princess and the Horse pin collection

Written by elaine - Friday 13 November 2020

This article was last updated on Thursday 04 March 2021.

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  1. I love Belle and Phillipe in this series!

    tosbourn 👤tosbourn - 13 Nov 2020 4:59 PM