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Artland Chip 'n' Dale Cut Out Release

This new release pin from Artland features Chip 'n' Dale and Clarice.

Artland Chip 'n' Dale pin
Artland Chip 'n' Dale pin

This pin is from their Cut Out series and features Chip playing a wooden piano and Dale playing a Cello. Clarice is sitting on the piano and playing with a tuft of Dale's hair. Chip 'n' Dale are both dressed up in tuxedos and Clarice is wearing a blue sparkling dress with a fur collar and hat.

This pin comes on an Artland turquoise backing card which doubles as the certificate of authenticity. It measures 2.75" x 2" and is available as a numbered edition of 250 (£28) or an AP/PP edition of 25 (£34). It is available for purchase on Pulse Gallery.

Artland Chip 'n' Dale pin on backing card

This article was written by elaine on Monday 14 September 2020.

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