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Are You Brave Enough?

I had the privilege to watch the "Are You Brave Enough?" villains show with the main character being Ursula from The Little Mermaid.

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We were sat on one of the seats at the back as we were there a bit early but my suggestion if you're wanting to see it, then get right to the front.

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Not only was Ursula there, but there was Gaston, Lady Tremaine, Anastasia & Drusilla, The Evil Queen & Ursula's pets Jetsome & Floatsome.

Ursula's voice was just absolutely staggering! It was a highlight of the day ❤️

Are You Brave Enough? Pin
Are You Brave Enough? Pin

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Have a Disney kinda day ✌️

This article was written by MammaPuggleDuck on Thursday 12 December 2019.

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