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An interview with Madison from Fantasy Pins By Madison

Madison is one of my favourite fantasy pin creators. A quick look through her Instagram account will show you why.

I was lucky enough to convince her to answer some of my questions about fantasy pins. I want to share this interview with you today.

Madison's "Stupid Head Stitch" pin

Thanks for agreeing to chat with me Madison, can you give us a little background on who you are?

I'm a mom of an almost four-month-old that lives in California making pins and going to school.

How did you get into fantasy pin making?

I saw someone else making pins and figured I might be able to do it too when I was 17. We've been going since 2017.

That is amazing, where do you get your ideas?

I come up with ideas, but I also have a friend that is doing a series with me & sometimes I'll let artists free draw with a basic design and go from there.

Where is the best place to see your pins for sale?

I have an on-hand website that most of my pins are on and then a Presale site where my bags are at for now.

I like the idea of having dedicated websites for what you do! What is the favourite pin you’ve made?

I don't think I have a favourite pin. I like all my pins! 😂

Ha! Do you have anything exciting coming up?

We have a bunch of great new pins.

Madison's "Walt Plush" Pin

What do you love most about the pin community?

I would say my friend group and how everyone is willing to help when you need it.

What would make the pin community even better?

I wish everyone were nice. Not everyone in this community is nice.

Do you have any advice for folk who are thinking about making fantasy pins?

Not too sure about advice. You have to figure out what works for you.


Thanks so much to Madison for taking the time to answer my questions. Be sure to check out her stuff in these places:

If you would like to be interviewed about your pin collection or making fantasy pins, or anything pin related, get in touch!

This article was written by tosbourn.

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