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When I first started pin collecting and following facebook groups my brain was muddled with Acronym's what are these WDW, PTD, PTN and wasn't even sure it was an Acronym but what is an GRAIL *cry*

Over the course of 6months, I started to learn things and what these Acroyms standed for, such as DLP was of course Disneyland paris and WDW is Walt Disney World, defintely thought I was onto a winner.

Couple of more months passed by and I learnt, PTN was pin trader night, which is what they have a Disneyland where the beautiful pins come out with the red ring around them. Then I messeged someone regarding a pin. I had no fear, I had to brain of all acronym knowledge. They replied FTO. I sat, fingers frooze on my screen, looking at my instagram, beads of sweat dripping down my face. How after all these months did I not know what these three letters meant? Was I failure to the pin world that I hadn't educated myself, sure. Many moments passed, when I decided to approach my fears and simply ask "sorry, I'm not sure what that stands for". Which is were the lovely lady who we shall call Doreen repllied "oh sorry, For Trade Only". Of course thats what it stood for. *curls up in a ball and hides*

So therefore, instead of sitting for weeks crying, late night study sessions and balls of embarrassment I have created a list of Acronyms to refer back to incase you have a Doreen message you.

Types of pins:

AP = Annual Pass

WOE = Windows of Evil

DA = Disney Auctions

PTD = Pin Trader Delights

FR= First release

GRAIL = Your most wanted/Needed pin

HM = Hidden Mickey

CE = Cast Exclusive 

WDI = Walt Disney Imagineering (MOG)

Places of Pins

DLP = Disneyland Paris (France)

DSSH = Disney Studio Store Hollywood(California)

DLR = Disneyland Resort(California)

DCA = Disney California Adventure 

WOD = World of Disney (Store)

DLHK/HKDL = Disneyland Hong Kong (China)

DSF = Disney Soda Fountain(aka DSSH) 

AK/DAK = Animal Kingdom(Florida)

DTD = Downtown Disney 

MK = Magic Kingdom(Florida) 

MOG = Mickey's of Glendale (California), located in WDI

SDR/SHDL= Shanghai Disney Resort (China)

DCL = Disney Cruise Line

WDW = Walt Disney World (Florida)

Ones I can’t find a heading for:

FSO = For Sale Only

BUMP = It’s not MR bump, its someone commenting on their post, so it beats algorithms and shows people the post again. (Helpful if you’re selling)

FTO = For Trade Only

ISO = In Search Of (They’re looking for that pin)

LE = Limited Edition

PTN = Pin Trading Night 

LR = Limited Release

NFS/NFT = Not for Sale/Not for Trade

ONO = Or Nearest Offer

OE = Open Edition 

PTE = Pin Trading Event

*If after all this time I've missed some, please messege me so I can correct*

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Written by disneypins_uk - Friday 06 September 2019

This article was last updated on Thursday 04 March 2021.

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  1. Great article, thank you! I had no idea what ISO meant and I was seeing it everywhere!

    TheRandomOnion TheRandomOnion - 25 Sep 2021 6:35 PM
    1. I'm so glad you found it useful! There are so many confusing terms!

      tosbourn tosbourn - 27 Sep 2021 8:44 AM