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100 days of Disney!

To celebrate going to WDW in 100 days, we've decided to try and do one thing each day to help make Pin Trader Club a little bit better.

We're going to log our progress in this blog post, feel free to comment below with what you think we should be doing.

100 - Working on avatars, allow people to upload avatars on the website (launching soon).
99 - Working on allowing people to crop photos, we're starting with avatars and then adding it to pins!
98 - Added the ability to add and crop avatars. Some improvements to our forms.
97 - Added an article about the October 2019 pin releases at Disneyland Paris. Announced the winner of our September contributor competition. Launched the competition to win a pin for October's biggest contributor to the site. Made some accessibility improvements to the site.
96 - Added a lot of new Disney characters to the site, from upcoming movies and classics that somehow slipped through!
95 - Made our website load more quickly. Did some work towards making it partially viewable offline. Started planning some consumables that we need (stickers etc.).
94 - Linked characters, movies and attractions more tightly.
93 - Added some pins.
92 - Day off (dropped the ball here as we were visiting a friend in Sheffield! ­čś│)
91 - Started work on an internal tool for counting up our monthly contributions. Contacted winners for our Sword in the Stone Wisdom collection giveaway. Added a pin which we received from our lovely friend Dreamingofdisney__. Added an article for the Disney Studio Store Hollywood November pin releases. Allowed our site to be viewable to an extent offline.
90 - Made an internal tool for counting up our monthly contributions for our monthly pin giveaway. Started work on cropping pin images. Went to the post office to send some pin mail. Bought some consumables (business cards etc.).
89 - Continued working on being able to crop pin images (turns out it is pretty hard!) Made a way to automatically say you own/want/want to trade a pin you're adding to the database
88 - Tested out our new stickers and cards! Got details of more competition winners.
87 - Planned out our next week's worth of work, improved how articles are shared online.
86 - Wrote an article on Waffling.
85 - Added some pins
84 - Curated some content on the site, posted out a trade! Improved the wording on some of our pages
83 - Improved how direct messages look on mobile, improved the order of events in our previous events page, added an event.
82 - When adding a new pin users will be alerted if there is a potential duplicate pin in the system.
81 - Display the number of pins added each month.
80 - Contacted some fantasy pin creators about sharing their content.
79 - Researching fake pin article.
78 - Researching and writing fake pin article.
77 - Published fake pin article.
76 - Did some work to keep our site secure and up to date.
75 - Added user referral system which counts towards our monthly pin giveaway  contributions! Added double FAC code article.
74 - Added pin cropping to pins! This has been a while in the making and we're super happy about it! 

This article was written by tosbourn on Monday 30 September 2019.

This article was last updated on Thursday 24 October 2019.

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