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Pin Trading at Disneyland Paris During the Pandemic

Megan shares her experience pin trading at Disneyland Paris during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Neo Nouveau Princess Collection Artland Pins

A beautiful new collection of pins from Artland UK

Welcome to the team Megan

We're happy to announce a new member of the Pin Trader Club team!

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Autumn/Winter Artland release

Artland has just released two new Winnie the Pooh pins with Autumn and Winter theming

Artland Chernabog jumbo pin release

A new jumbo pin release from Artland of the Fantasia villain Chernabog

Artland release inspired by Mark Chilcott's art

A release of Pixar pins inspired by the art of Mark Chilcott

Artland Chip 'n' Dale Cut Out Release

Artland have just released a new addition to their Cut Out series, featuring Chip 'n' Dale and Clarice!

Shiny: How to keep your Disney pins sparkly

A few tips to help you remove dirt and tarnish, and keep your Disney pins looking like new.

Why Start Pin Collecting or Pin Trading?

Here are 4 reasons why you might like to start pin hunting. I hope that you find this article useful and informative!

ShopDisneyUK are releasing Alien Remix pins to celebrate Pixar Fest

To celebrate Pixar Fest, the UK Disney store is releasing six sets of Alien-themed pins, called Alien Remix!

Fantasia Mickey Conducting Pin Release From Artland

Artland has released a three-pin series Fantasia Mickey Conducting

Disneyland Paris pin releases August 2020

Disneyland Paris have opened their doors again and have some great open edition pins for August 2020.

Two new pins added to Artland's 100 Aker Wood Series

Artland has added two new limited edition pins to their 100 Aker Wood Series

Pin Grades

What is the difference between a grade A and a grade B fantasy pin? Abi explains with superb examples

Introducing The Villains Cut Out Series

Artland have released a new series of pins: The Villains Cut Out Series. A collection of Disney villains

Unique Pin Boards

I love finding quirky pin boards around the parks. I encourage comments to create a conversation as I want to hear what some of your faves are!

Kraken Trade Surprise Release

Kraken Trade has done it again. Scar makes his debut in Kraken Trade’s third drop in an exclusive pin line,

Tip for Starting off any Pin Trading Day.

Here is a great tip for starting off a strong day of Pin Trading! Try this to know when to be where to join in on the fun of Pin Trading.

Disney Pin Trading: Tips and Tricks to Avoid Fake Pins at all Costs

It is no secret that you will encounter fake pins when trading in the parks and at the resorts. You will sometimes see entire lanyards full of fakes. If you want to avoid fake pins, read on to find the most effective and easy ways to tell fake pins from real pins.


With the parks reopening soon, many are left wondering how many things will work despite all of the covid-19 precautions. I was especially concerned about the future of pin trading, but I bring you good news; sort of.

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